Design by nico selected for sustainable exhibition in Milan

Design by nico was selected for the sustainable exhibition in Milan The Green Room. The hosEDIT by Designjunction choose British designs which were not only beautiful but also sustainable.

Design by nico products combine traditional techniques and materials with new technologies and forms, responding to our modern age.

Nicolette de Waart’s materials range from, Wool, Metal, Wood and Corian. All products are made in cooperation with highly qualified craftsmen.

Nicolette de Waart about the sustainibility for her bookcase Totem:

“Steel can be transformed into many product applications. Once these reach the end of their useful life, they can be recycled and used again. Recycling metals save between 70% and 90% of the original energy.”

sustainable design in Milan sustainable design in milan

sustainable design in milan

At Zona Tortona she showed her furniture design: Totem bookcase, her pouf the Leaf Seat and her cast candleholders KA.