Bookcase on Inside Outside Homes

The Totem bookcase was installed on interior design program ‘Inside Outside Homes’ on Channel 4. ‘Inside Outside Homes’ is a design series that explores how the home is changing, as house and garden merge.

Zac Monro, the presenter of the show, converted a lower level into a modern multifunctional family area. Our modular Totem bookcase featured prominently in this complete make-over. In his transformation plan he selected a variety of pastel colours and neutral white.

The Totem bookcase, a cabinet of curiosities, was used to store their treasures, books and a lamp in this episode. The homeowner fell in love with our bookcases and wanted to purchase the Totems afterwards. They couldn’t decide if they wanted to place them on the floor or hang them from the wall. For the time being, they simply put them up against the wall, as it gave them the freedom to move them around later. They were arranged in a kaleidoscope of angles and colours.

totem bookcase on tv programme Inside Out homes.
The Totem bookcase on the right
Bookcase Totem as seen on Inside Out Homes
Totem Bookcase as seen on Inside Outside Homes on Channel 4

Inside Out Homes can be seen on Channel Four.