Nicolette de Waart presents Leaf Seat for jury Design Guild Mark

Design Guild Mark Award presentation 2017

At the Design Guild Mark Award presentation, designer Nicolette de Waart displayed her Leaf Seat. She explained the idea behind her design and how she got to the unique shape of the pouf.

The jury was impressed and they wanted to try it instantly even though she was still explaining the concept of the design! They were, in particular, pleasantly surprised about the comfort. They assumed the piping would give some discomfort but were overwhelmed by the softness of the chair.

Nicolette de Waart presents Leaf Seat for  jury Design Guild Mark

Following the presentation for the Design guild Mark Award, Nicolette draw some sketches to support the idea behind the design. With its unique and modular shape you can create endless arrangements. You can place them in small groups. Large quantity Leaf Seats work really well in hotels and offices. A whole array of green Leaves gives a forest look and feel.

Nicolette “Don’t we all feel a bit vulnerable when we enter a public space?” The idea with these tactile and colourful poufs, was to stimulate communication. If you want to interact you can move yourself towards other people and start a conversation. Alternatively, if you want more privacy, you can change the Leaf pouf in a different direction. Because its modular shape, the options are endless.

Nicolette shows in sketches Her Leaf Seats in their endless options

The pouf is available in a range of colours. Ultimately perfect for seating area’s in hotels and offices but also great in any interior.