design guild mark award 2017

Leaf Seat receives Design Guild Mark Award!

Our Leaf Seat is awarded with the Design Guild Mark Award! Designer Nicolette de Waart felt honoured to be awarded for excellence in design in the British furniture industry 2017!

Design guild Mark award by the furniture makers' company

Design by nico had to go through a process to be finally acknowledged with the prestigious award. First all nominated designers had to present their product to all members of jury. All specialists and well known specialised in any section of the design field. She took them on her journey of the challenges she encountered to create her pouf. Though the design of the Leaf Seat looks simple she told them how she had to succeed to find solutions. For example for the complicated technique of upholstering the cover with no visible joints.

There is a say: ‘simpleness is in the design’ but that doesn’t cover the journey from the idea to final product in the way it is. So therefore Nicolette felt extremely proud to be awarded the Design Guild Mark Award! As she was overseas for an exhibition at the design festival, ICFF in New York, her partner received the award out of the hands of the presenter of the Design Guild Award ceremony 2017.

Design by nico nominated for Design guild mark award presentation by Nicolette de Waart
Design by nico receives design guild mark 2017