Our Poppy in Barcelona

Our Poppy Bloom stool is going places!

Our Poppy Bloom stool is going places! This time to Barcelona. We love to see what people around the world do with our Poppy Bloom stool and how they integrated it into their interior. Our happy client wanted to share the final result with us. Have a look at the photos. What do you think?

poppy bloom stool in barcelona

The Poppy stool is versatile. That the Poppy stool is going places shows not only that it equally works in different surroundings and environments. It also demonstrates its appeal and aesthetic value in different settings. This reaches beyond our vision and what we had in mind when designing this pouf.

poppy bloom pouf in barcelona

Would you like to purchase a Poppy bloom? click here to see the different colours. For direct orders drop us an email . We would love to collaborate with you!