fabfabrics favourites by Nicolette de Waart

Fabfabrics by Nicolette

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Fabfabrics favourites by Nicolette de Waart. See what I picked!

Honoured to be selected because we love the handmade cushions of Fabfabrics; well known for their vibrant colours and subtle neutrals. Actually, we thought it was hard to pick favourites as there is so much to choose from. But, as Summer is around the corner, Design by nico dived into their collection of outdoor cushions. They work really well with our unique outdoor poufs the Leaf Seat to create different styles and spheres. So Fabfabrics favourites by Nicolette de Waart are:

“This combination outdoor cushion with my light blue pouf are perfect for a relaxing day in the garden.”

“Yellow is the colour of sunshine, which will bring warmth to any space.”

“For those who are a bit more daring go for the red combination”

” I love these African Prints, which will match easily in any style.”

We both share the same thought regarding sustainability. Both our products are handmade with versatile and high quality fabrics.

Have a look at www.fabfabrics.nl to see their versatile and unique collection of cushions. We love to hear your thoughts and please get in touch!