Nicolette de Waart


Berry Lamp at Milan designweek 2024

The Berry Lamp

You’re cordially invited to experience a fusion of tradition and innovation at Milan Design Week 2024. Join us as we unveil the Berry Lamp, a stunning homage to ancient Japanese lanterns reimagined with handmade, organic shapes crafted from paper and fabric. It is a functional art object, rays of light radiate through and from below like it is levitating above the floor, while still delicately tied to the floor by three spider legs or on a handmade marble foot.

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Force of the Spheres

‘Sculptor Nicolette de Waart takes a bold and heartening approach to the conventional wisdom that all people are shaped by their experiences in their lives.

Her new work ‘FORCE OF THE SPHERES’ visualises our gathered emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, sights and sounds during our lives.

In Nicolette’s eyes those experiences influence us and make us who we are, and this artwork represents all these internal factors made externally visible in the form of spheres. It is an attempt to expose our vulnerability and fragility, but also our strength and passion; it reflects a person’s life.

One must imagine this artwork originated as a virgin body that accumulated these spheres of memories, emotions, thoughts and opinions as it progressed through life, culminating in the shape as you currently see it. Each sphere accumulated contributes to a kind of armour to build strength and shield this body from the world, and yet also lays bare all vulnerabilities and fears, plain for all to see.

In nature, certain snails blow mucus bubbles to protect themselves, hedgehogs and armadillos roll into balls of spikes and armour to deter predators and seem impenetrable from the outside, and yet in doing so expose their fears to all observers. This reaction in these animals is, in a sense, an exposition of past experiences: a hedgehog’s encounter with a fox, a snail’s with a bird etc. has taught them to fear this and have this reaction.

From the day we were born we gather positive and negative emotions, creating memories. It builds resilience and forms a cushion to the outerworld. All these experiences are reflected in the organically shaped bubbles. Normally these emotions and memories are invisible and internal, but sculptor Nicolette de Waart has externalised them to lay bare in this work. It serves as a memory foam and a protective cushion to cope in our life, because all the attitudes and behaviours belonging to a personality imprint themselves in the body and give us resilience and wisdom in the future.

Infinity Knots objects Power through Connection®

‘Infinity Knots objects’ are bronze cast sculptural wall pieces symbolising ‘Power through Connection’; connecting human beings, different cultures, and countries, highlighting our interdependencies. Each piece embodies a distinctive pattern within a unique shape.

These Circular wall objects seem constructed as one intriguing shape but on closer inspection, you will discover different moulded figures, organically intertwined and connected. Therefore, an aesthetic composition is created which is the defining element of these pieces. Both shapes are equal. The power is created when these two individual circular shapes are intertwined; a new layer is created.

The object’s layers symbolise different worlds and cultures. Even though every group, country or culture has their own identity, there is only one planet. This work symbolises the need for a dialogue between sometimes opposites, to ultimately collaborate and unite for the bigger picture and a better world.

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