Nicolette de Waart - design by nico

Nicolette de Waart

Designer and founder, Nicolette de Waart, started her own interior design company 20 years ago in the Netherlands. For more than 11 years, she lived and worked in Singapore and London. After her years abroad, she returned to her home country, continuing her studio Design by nico.

Nicolette is an acclaimed designer, receiving multiple awards for her Leaf Seats and Poppy bloom Stools.

Her designs are engineered to the needs of modern dwelling spaces. Suited to the ever-changing ways of how we live and work. Not everyone lives in big houses anymore and people nowadays prefer more and more to work in communal spaces and from home.

“My products embody a concept of flexibility in modern furniture and will flourish in any interior: residential, offices and public spaces."

“I want to create unique designs that are beautiful, functional and long lasting.”

Design by nico products are handmade in collaboration with highly qualified craftsmen. She combines traditional techniques with new technologies and forms. All products are easily integrated into any style or interior project.