Archiproducts interviews Nicolette de Waart

Archiproducts interviews designer Nicolette de Waart, founder Design by nico. She spoke about her sustainable designs: the Corian Oak desk and her multi-awarded pouf: the leaf Seat. Edit by Designjunction in Milan selected these products for their circular design exhibition.

Archiproducts is the largest “virtual exhibition” of international architecture and design. The place where you can find the best design products online. Archiproducts interviews Nicolette de Waart about her designs and the trends she noticed this year at Milan.

The Leaf Seat is designed for modern living. Space becomes more valuable and above all not everyone lives in big houses. So her designs are flexible pieces of furniture in homes. Similarly in office interiors they are a tactile and colourful addition to the workplace. For instance can you image a forest of leaves created with these colourful poufs? They brighten up a space and stimulate interaction in public spaces.

Indoor pouf leaf seat Spring
Desk wood corian white