Design by nico 2nd @Golden Bridge Awards

Design by nico was awarded 2nd place at the Golden Bridge Awards 2014. She became second in the categorie ‘Best New Small and Middle Companies 2014’ doing business in the UK.

The Golden Bridge Awards recognises the trade and investment success of UK companies doing business in The Netherlands and Dutch companies doing business in the UK. Needless to say she felt honoured that she was ask to speech about her experiences of setting up her successful company Design by nico in the UK. “Successful companies aren’t created overnight”

It takes a lot of ‘resilience’, ‘endurance’ and ‘failures’ to set up a business in another country so she was thrilled to be recognised for her years of hard work.

speech for 2nd place at golden bridge awards

Outstanding companies were presented with awards. They had to pitch for a panel of judges from the business community, regional trade and investment companies. Also the UK and Benelux embassies were present.