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Outdoor poufs at CDW 2018

Our outdoor poufs are on show at Clerkenwell Designweek 2018. Design by nico partnered up with CDW to show her latest addition of poufs. The renowned and multi-awarded Leaf Seats are now also available in a weather resistent version. Where the colours for the indoors stools were inspired on the different Seasons. In addition, the outdoors Leaf Seats were based on the mediterranean colour canvas.

outdoor poufs at Clerkenwell design week

“The colourful mix and match of stools on the exhibition were widely appreciated. It helped of course that the weather was amazing so they were picked and moved by many people who enjoyed relaxing breaks of all the things to see at different venues in Clerkenwell.”

“If you design a new product you can only imagine how it will be used. We were thrilled to see that people sat on them in all sort of ways. Friends who pulled some stools together to sit on them. Or others having just a relaxing break, waiting for a snack from one of the many food trucks. We even saw children using them as real size pawns running from one to the other.

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The outdoor poufs already found their way to numerous different projects. We had them used for hotels in their outdoor spaces but also client were happy to add a few on their terrace and in their gardens.

Click on the link for more info https://www.designbynico.co.uk/product/outdoor-pouf/

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