Window design at London Kings road

When Nicolette was asked to do the window design for a shop at King’s Road London it was quite a challenge. How do you unite an eclectic mix of trendy brands in one window? They were all unique labels with handmade products so designer Nicolette decided nature could visualise this.

Window shops are the cover of a book. It is important to get it right to draw window-shoppers instantly inside. Beforehand, we did a lot of research how to represent the unique labels for sale in the shop. But also, how to encourage window shoppers to go inside to browse and find the unexpected.

As a result Design by nico cut a lot of leaves of different origins; tropical, European, American in hues of Greens and blues to create a rather leafy window to reflect nature. amidst the leaves were the handcrafted designs and unique handmade products.

Window design at shop in Kings road

The shop was in the West London’s luxury shopping destination. Here you find an eclectic mix of trendy boutiques, unique labels, designer shops and high-street staples, alongside a vast array of cafes. We had a great amount of visitors and will definitely do it again. We hope to see you there next time. If you would like to receive our newsletter please sign up here