Poppy bloom Stool at Designstore Goeds

Poppy stool in Amsterdam

The Poppy Stool is now in Amsterdam at Design Store ‘Goeds’. The interior design boutique is near the famous ‘negen straatjes’ (Nine streets) in the center of Amsterdam. Known as the picturesque shopping streets in the Unesco Heritage listed Amsterdam Canal Belt. The petal shaped Poppy Bloom stool comes in 2 sizes and can be upholstered in a number of different fabrics and colours.

Inspiration Poppy Bloom Stool

The strikingly, beautiful cupped shaped flower inspired me to create the Poppy Bloom Stool. Soft, Elegant, Pure and Inviting. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Poppy Bloom is one of the most used symbolic flower around the world?

Red poppies are the colour of remembrance in Europe and North-America. Other colour Poppies such as Purple, Pink and Blue are tied to success and beauty. Did you know that in Asia the white Poppy Bloom is given to newly wed couples to encourage passion throughout the years.

We launched the poufs at Milan Designweek in female pink and masculine Blue. They equally shine in other colours to find out what works best for your project or interior. Click here to find your favourite colour or version.

Poppy Bloom stool at Design store Goeds in Amsterdam


If you are on the hunt for designer or vintage boutiques, than this certainly is the area you should go to! Obviously you should take a break in one of the cozy cafes”.

Design boutique Goeds, Herenstraat 15, 1015 BX Amsterdam.