german design award 2018 leaf seat

Leaf Seat German Design Award!

We are thrilled for being awarded The German Design Award 2018 for the Leaf Seat! So thrilled to be awarded for the indoor pouf. It is inspired on nature and is bringing the outdoors inside.

The German Design Award is the main international prize awarded by the German Design Council. Its aim is to discover, publicise and recognise unique and innovative design trends. Every year, high-quality submissions are received from the world of product and communication design, which all in their own way break new boundaries in the international design landscape. Launched in 2012, the German Design Award is one of the world’s most highly regarded design competitions and enjoys a prestige which extends far beyond specialist circles.

From idea to Design Award

It was a long road from receiving the desired German design Award for the Leaf Seat to where it all began. It was during our years in Singapore when the idea emerged for the stools. The aim was to design a pouf in a unique shape, different from what was already there as we wanted to make a difference.

So when tessellated, it instantly turns into larger object like a daybed captivating the idea of a forest emerging in front of you. The options of interlocking are flexibel and endless.

We were passionate about the idea. So we endlessly tried out different shapes and forms of leaves and how they would tesselate perfectly. Finally a prototype was made but realising the noteworthy detail was missing. Instantly, Nicolette had a brilliant idea and draw a few veins on top of the pouf and that was it! We had our successful new design. Here we are! Our hard work has paid of with this amazing recognition of winning this Award!


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that our designs should not only be beautiful but also functional. In other words the comfort of the pouf is as important for us as we think the seat should be good to sit on for you, the client. So we did a lot of research into finding the perfect height but also in seating comfort without compromising to the aesthetic part. As a result the feedback of clients reflects that thought. They are always pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the Leaf Seat.

Projects all over the world

Our indoor poufs are used in numerous office and hotel projects all over the world. From an apartment building, downton Manhattan in New York to hotel projects in Japan and United Kingdom.

Moreover, we are very pleased to see our Leaf Seats poufs in the Google head office in Ireland. They choose poufs in the multi colours of their logo.

Read what the jury said about the Leaf Seat:

Are you our next client?

We love collaborations and we love to welcome you as our new client! You can mail us or for more information click here to see the Leaf Seats in different colours and heights.